Sara Raney is a professional speaker, international bestselling author and luxury travel concierge. She is the former host of Cox Cable’s TV’s “Travels With Sara” and has been featured in numerous publications. She is also a popular radio show guest, as a travel expert.

An affiliate of Palm Coast Travel, Sara is a Signature Travel Expert. She has been a featured guest speaker for Spotlight Spectacular and was awarded the Nevada’s Women’s Chamber of Commerce Independent Contractor of the Year.

As a widow and solo traveler, Sara learned how to overcome personal heartbreak and discovered, through tragedy, that anyone can live a more passionate and adventurous life. She has now explored over 100 countries, 7 continents, and the subcontinent of India.

She lives a life of adventure through travel and supports others to do the the same. Along with her professional speaking business she also owns her own travel business, Luxury Travel with Sara. She plans high-quality travel adventures for her exclusive clientele and has a passion to make travel a glorious and exciting adventure that creates lifetime memories to enrich your life.


Sara is also a recognized destination specialist by several expedition and luxury cruise companies and is considered to be an authority on Antarctica. 
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Sara Raney

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